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Die-casting aluminum how unfavorable anodization? This is all the die-cast aluminum anodizing composition and the characteristics of the decision.
Aluminum anodic oxidation
To put it bluntly anodizing of aluminum is the electrolytic process of air oxidation process, in this process, the surface layer of aluminum and aluminum alloy profile generally converted into layers of air oxidation film, this layer of air oxidation film have defensive, decorative art and the effect of some other characteristics. From this definition to the anodizing of aluminum, this part contains only into anodizing film processing technology.
Must first, anodizing aluminum surface crystal, aluminum is relatively pure, because of the anodizing film make sure symmetry leveling. Too many beings residue and other ingredients, is bound to harm of demulsification alternated during anodization, and even does harm demulsification immediately. Most of all, other metal design elements in anodizing film into at the time, will immediately change the membrane is tonal, it is of the stain after anodizing, sentence to death immediately.
Usually with high silicon aluminum alloy casting and casting water content, even if the application ht412 dedusting agent, die-casting aluminum special anodizing film is also will be the dark brown, can't get no color transparent air oxidation film, silicon water content increase, anodization film color from light grey to dark grey until a film. Anodizing of aluminum alloy casting is unfavorable in traditional consequently.
But the die casting aluminum anodizing is solution. Casting parts for forging parts, car parts/CNC parts there is no guarantee that the structure of the line, water chestnut, the quality of the air oxidation, the focus point in the casting quality is very important, a slight change, key points of process control decision-making support the anodic oxidation of quality. From casting parts of air oxidation of producers, be sure to support of scientific research of grinding tool after passage, die casting technology and technical production and processing, has this one by one the whole process of strict control, to ensure the quality of air oxidation of a great honor. Including: abrasive flow, gate design, mould temperature control; The application of raw materials, usually can use ht412 die-casting aluminum special ash removal agent to remove surface cool grey, prevent environmental pollution factors.

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