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Chosen the right aluminum die-casting molds, is likely to produce a high quality of die casting
Aluminum alloy die casting mould
Any understanding, willing to make a high quality the first essential of casting die casting mould, die-casting mould to manufacture plays a much effect?
First, die-casting die decision the appearance of the casting parts and standard level of tolerance, due to casting appearance between the two specifications should be carried out according to the grinding tool, if no good mainly abrasive at this level, the production and processing work actual effect nature is not effect on customer needs.
Die casting mould can manipulate and overtemperature equilibrium adjustment of aluminum die-casting, due to the aluminum die casting production and processing of actual effect after how to production process control and adjust the heat engine cycle are linked.
Compressive strength from high level to understand the harm castings quality, and die casting mould qualified injection biya's strong compressive strength limit, in use can give full play to the strong effect, to ensure the quality of the castings.
From past to now for aluminum die casting manufacturing process management division, die casting mould is full of came to dominant, so be on time to develop the maintenance good grinding tool, more reasonable helps productivity.

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