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Specialized in die casting product design, development

Dongguan yuhui die casting co., LTD. Is a wholly owned enterprise, founded in 1997, is a professional from the mold design and die casting products and the products after processing one-stop service company. Do processing, valet design and development of new products and technology. With 23 years of profound experience of management, research and development and production. The company has always adhered to: "people-oriented, customer first, quality first" business philosophy. Division I professional design and manufacture all kinds of lighting, automobiles, furniture, electrical appliances, motor bracket, accessories, such as zinc alloy die casting parts, plastic parts.
We have our own mould department, aluminum zinc alloy die casting department, plastic injection department, the department of the beatles feng, machining, polishing, wire drawing, painting and other after processing department, mould opening and have a professional mold design engineers and senior technicians, professional die casting machine division. The company equipment is advanced, the mold department equipment have CNC lathe, grinding machine, drilling machine, milling machine, CNC machining centers, sparks machine, line cutting machine, punching machine and other machine more than one; Die casting department have Taiwan cold, hot chamber die casting machine 11 units, the bit is: 2000 t, 1250 t, 900 t, 800 t, 560 t, 420 t, 350 t, 280 t, 180 t and 88 t zinc alloy machine; Products after processing department has 55 precision CNC machining computer gongs machines, drill press, long drilling machine, grinding machine, polishing machine, sand slinger, mixing mill, grinding machine, punching machine, automatic assembly line of the lacquer that bake a full set of equipment and other facilities.
The company technical force is abundant, with outstanding research and development ability, can according to customer design requirements to produce products that meet the customer requirement, and according to the requirements of customers domestic turn factory or direct export formalities, so as to meet the requirements of different customers.
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Fine cut fine grinding of casting products